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Bike Fit Studio offers Retül Bike Fitting in our purpose fit bike fitting studio in Dublin.

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Life-Cycle Ltd is a wholesale distributor of over 40 brands, to cycling, sports and nutrition retailers in Ireland. Read More

Powerbar Logo

Premium sports nutrition giving great taste and long lasting energy to help you finish those long spins and get over the line faster. Great for hydration and energy.

Continental Logo

Excellent tyres and tubes with options for light weight racing, long lasting training and puncture resistant cycling. Well known for the GP4000 racing performance.

BMC Logo

Home to the 2012 world champion, BMC make excellent lightweight, rigid bicycles with Swiss design. Contact us to arrange a test ride and experience these great bikes.

Polaris Logo

Polaris make great quality clothes for racing on the road, climbing mountain trails and cycling to work. There's a large collection at great prices.


Our favourite and best quality components we've ever used, SRAM make great products. Excellent in mountain and road, the products are always improving.

Tacx Logo

So good to have when it rains in Ireland, which is often. They give us the best training indoors when it's too dark and cold to go outside.

Zipp Logo

Aerodynamics, Speed and Zipp go together in most conversations. Zipp make such good aero wheels and great bars and stems for better times.

Rock Shox Logo

A great range of forks for the best mountain ride we’ve had. The new reverb seat post makes climbing and descending an easy switch for you.

Carrera Logo

Great new helmets and sponsoring the rider who wore the pink jersey in the 2012 Giro D’Italia, there are some really light helmets at good prices.

Cardiosport Logo

One of the most innovative business owners we know, Cardiosport heart rate monitors and ANT+ accessories make performance monitoring so much easier.

Look Logo

There are many options for Look pedals, some are really easy to get in and out of, while others provide the strength that some races require.

Master Lock Logo

There are lightweight locks for quick stops outside the shop, all the way up to heavy duty locks that are great for storing bikes in open areas for long periods of time.

Eastway Logo

Travel quickly, in style and have fun. Eastway only make urban sports bikes so they are focused 100% on building high performance, good-looking and durable city bikes.

Quarq Logo

SRAM’s new power measuring chainset. It has self-calibration and a user replaceable battery so you don’t have to send it away. Power measurement is great for getting better results.

Troy Lee Designs Logo

Troy Lee Designs’ relentless commitment to creating products that exceed the cutting edge style, design and quality, has given it the reputation as an innovator from helmet visors all the way to performance clothing.



We are based in Dublin, and stock a range of over 40 high quality brands. We can help you get your store started and develop your store as you grow. We deliver our orders within two days, very often delivering next day. We can provide brands to shops in all 32 counties of Ireland.

All of our product catalogues are available in the download section below, and if you would like to set up an account then you can follow the instructions here. Feel free to browse the other sections of the site at the top of the page.

We can provide test bikes and other test products if you would like to have your customers try out products as they consider what they would like to buy. If you would like to visit us here then you can do that too, just call us and arrange a time that suits everybody.


We are a wholesale distributor for many brands that you probably use when cycling and doing other sports. While we can’t sell directly to you as that’s the job of our retail partners, if you need a product that you can’t find anywhere else, then we would be glad to source it for you and have it delivered to your nearest store.

We also run offers with our retail partners that you can avail of. See our promotions section where there are many great deals. All you have to do is pick an offer that you want, contact us to find out your nearest store and we will arrange to deliver it to that store for you, and you can collect and pay there.

If you need any more information on a brand, then you might find it in the catalogues that are available to download in the section below.